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To give you an idea of the types of children that you might adopt, here are some example profiles of children. Current profiles are available at information meetings.

All adopted children are different but all will have experienced separation and loss and many will have experienced a level of abuse or neglect in their earlier childhoods. Often, the main challenge that adopters face is restoring their faith in adults. It’s a long process but over time they will learn to trust you and it will transform their lives – as well as yours!

The ages of the children vary from babies and toddlers to older children up to 10 years of age. We prioritise people who come forward to adopt the children who wait the longest: older children, children with disabilities, siblings and children from some black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

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We are currently searching for a family for Matthew

Matthew, age 6, is a happy, delightful little boy with a quiet and friendly disposition. His foster carer describes him as a well-behaved, polite little boy and a pleasure to be around. Matthew has a big smile, beautiful bluey/green sparkling eyes and shiny chocolate brown hair.

Matthew is a very kind and sensitive child. He is helpful and very caring towards younger children and animals. Matthew loves playing with his trains. He enjoys riding bicycles, playing outdoors and engaging in forest school. Matthew also likes towers, particularly Big Ben!

Matthew gets on well with other children and enjoys going to school. He is open to trying new things and shows a lot of pride in his accomplishments. Matthew particularly loves it when people praise him for things he's done.

Matthew was exposed to neglect and physical abuse whilst in the care of his birth family. Since coming into care, he has come on leaps and bounds. 

Matthew is a generally healthy little boy. Matthew has made great progress since being placed in his foster care placement. Matthew has a good attachment to his foster carer. He will look to her for reassurance and is now showing and accepting physical affection from her.

Matthew has global developmental delay and a learning disability. Matthew is delayed with his speech and language and with his fine motor skills but is making great progress. For support, Matthew has an Education and Health Care Plan to help him at school. This support will be put provided for him in any future placement as well.

Matthew is a happy little boy who is growing with confidence and flourishing in his foster care placement.

Could you adopt a little boy like Matthew?

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All adopted children are different and over time they will learn to trust you and it will transform their lives – as well as yours!

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