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Introducing Pip, Zaz and Teo

Written by an adoptive mum, her adoptive daughter and their real-life social worker, in these books Pip and Zaz each tell their story of how they came to be adopted.

Pip is very little but still wants to know what is happening and to be reassured that her adopters will be kind and will know how to look after her.

Zaz is older; he has lots of questions to ask and he expects to be given honest answers.

Teo was placed through early permanence adoption.

Teachers, support staff and professionals: if you are supporting children who are being adopted or who are already with their adoptive family, these books will help you appreciate the huge transition adopted children experience when moving to their adoption family and to answer any questions from the children.

Parents and carers: these books will help you better understand the children’s emotional needs and to support them, both at the time of their transition from foster carer to adopters and later on as they ask questions about their life story.

Published by: Adopt Thames Valley, County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND
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These are the first titles in a series. Future aspects of adoption that we plan to cover include: siblings adopted together; siblings adopted apart; children who were adopted as a baby; being an older sibling to an adopted child.

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Teo's story


Zaz's story


Pip's story

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