“I love splashing in water and playing with play dough!”

Sophie, aged 3, is a delightful and happy little girl. She enjoys meeting new people and has developed a good attachment to her foster carer who describes her as a “delightful and affectionate little girl who loves to laugh”.

Sophie’s development is delayed in all areas and particularly with relation to her fine motor skills, speech and communication. Sophie needs support with eating meals and is developing ways with her carers to help her communicate using signals and pictures.

While she has no official diagnosis, it is thought that Sophie’s mother drank alcohol during her pregnancy, so there is a possibility of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder.

Despite this, Sophie throws herself into every activity and loves attending play group and nursery with other children. She is making slow, but steady progress in her development and Sophie loves sensory activities such as playing with play dough, splashing in water or watching all the lights at Christmas. She also enjoys television programmes and her favourite is ‘In the night garden’.

“I would like a forever family who can explore the world with me”